11 Reasons for the Standsome in your company

The Standsome is an innovative, height-adjustable desk top and is already at home in many companies. There are good reasons for this:

1. health and karma

By ensuring that your employees sit less and move more, you prevent back damage and increase productivity.

2. efficiency of existing desks

Existing desks don’t need to be replaced and disposed of. Simply “upgrade” with the Standsome Desktop Attachment and upgrade your office equipment.

3. employee satisfaction

New equipment and new work opportunities mean recognition – increase the satisfaction of your employees with the Standsome.

4. progress and development

With more variety in the workplace, you can create new perspectives and new ideas – and move your company forward.

5. costs

The Standsome is cheaper than other stand-up desks, but chicer, more reliable and more charming than cardboard models and other attachments.

6. quality

The Standsome is stable and long-lived – handicraft made in Germany.

7. individuality and identification

Alternatively, the Standsome can also be provided with your company logo and supplied in your corporate colours.

8. handling the Standsome

The Standsome can be put together in a few seconds and stowed away just as quickly.

(especially clever: the Standsome Box).

9. versatility

The Standsome is your most flexible employee and can be deployed anywhere:

In the office, in the lounge, on the terrace or in the conference room – why not hold your meetings standing up and ensure a new exchange!

10. Fresh marketing

Use the Standsome as a simple but effective marketing tool. As a promotional gift for your customers or for creative advertising space.

11. corporate social responsibility

With the purchase of a standalone dome, you can contribute to the reconstruction of the tropical rainforest and support people with disabilities in reforestation projects.