There are many good reasons for working with the Standsome. Choose yours.

Gesund im Stehen arbeiten

1. Health and karma


More exercise less sitting: Strengthen your back and activate your circulatory system. Your body will be grateful. Already 30 minutes standing a day makes you more agil, more concentrated and healthier in the long run. There is nothing more to it – in the contrary. Constant standing isn’t good neither. But, the one who takes a standing-break once or twice a day works better and is even happier.

2. Flexible and fit


The Standsome has defined levels which allow you to adjust it to your individual height and needs.
Its construction is simple but clever. Tall and small people can work with it likewise in accordance with their ergonomic requirements.

3. Handy and spontaneous


The table is put together quickly and set up easily. As soon as you feel like moving around a bit, your Standsome is ready for action in just a few seconds. No time for long preparation – no chance for excuses. This is how working is enjoyable.

4. Extension instead of replacement


Keep your existing, possibly valuable and cherished desk. You don’t have to invest in anything more at all. Everything stays as it is. You only need the Standosome and convert every table into a standing desk, just like a healthy upgrade. Many co-working spaces and agencies already make a lot of use of the Standsome.

Reasons for Standsome - slim budget

5. Little money


The Standsome is, by the way, cheaper than conventional standing desks – but at the same time more reliable, more solid and more charming than simple top pieces like boxes or cardboard. Those are not ergonomic and after the third setup and dismantling they are busted.

6. Valuable and genuine


The Standsome is solid, sturdy and long-lasting. Manufactured by professionals for professionals – quality made in Germany.

Standsome Black

7. Just uncomplicated


With the Standsome, it’s possible to work everywhere. Whether in the living room, in the garden or on the veranda – just take your standing desk with you. Our Standsome slim is particularly handy. And when you want to upgrade your study, the Standsome fits neatly into the corner.

8. Do a good deed


With the purchase of each Standsome, one tree will be planted. You buy a Standsome made of genuine wood, we plant a new tree. With the purchase of a Standsome, you support people with disabilities and their project of reforestation of the tropic rainforest in the Philippines.

8 reasons for Standsome