You have a question?


You don’t get why you need a Standsome? You are allergic to wood? You want an interview? You want to know what other versions of a Standsome we’re coming up with? Your Standsome has fallen from the table? You lost your Standsome in your apartment and can’t find it anywhere? You want to go on a swim with your Standsome? You are lonely? You want to buy dozens of Standsomes? You want a very special Standsome, just for yourself? There is something wrong with our website? You think we are childish? You want to elect us for mayor? You want to know how many Standsomes can fit in one jumbo jet? You suffer from back pain? You have a good idea? You pimped your Standsome? You did a replica of the Standsome? You are bored? You want to know whether the Standsome is safe for little children? You want to know if the Standsome can look for your little children while you’re busy working? You accidentally put the Standsome in your microwave? You incorrectly assembled your Standsome? You lost your Standsome? You never got your Standsome? You don’t want to have your Standsome any longer? You want to get to know other Standsome customers? You think that the Standsome is too cheap? You want to give away a Standsome to your friends and family? You don’t believe a word of all of it? You want to be a model for our product photos and videos? You want to work with us? You always had the idea for the Standsome but never followed it? You want us to donate to you? You want to donate to us? You don’t get why we called our product “Standsome”? The world is turned upside down? You wonder why we are fooling around so much? You have to get something off your chest? To be or not to be?


Then please feel free to ask us.


Write us. We would be honestly thrilled about it. Really, we do. Because between milling machines, sawdust and paint cans it can get quite lonely from time to time. We love our customers and we love to get to know them. Speak to you in a minute!

Please contact us directly:

[email protected]

You don’t like writing? If so, simply call us:

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