“Things of quality have no fear of time.”

Convinced of Standsome, the key to a healthy worklifestyle? Our centrepiece, the Crafted Edition, goes even further: it is a standing desk for true wood lovers. Pure craftsmanship, something very special. The Standsome Crafted is manufactured in small quantities. Handcrafted, of course. In Germany. Every step of the work process is carefully chosen and follows the principle: high-quality wood harmony from root to crown. For all those who love the perfect symbiosis of ergonomics, sustainability and fair design.

Lifeblood [ˈlaɪf.blʌd] noun [ U ]

  • [1] the blood, as being necessary to life.
  • [2] a life-giving, vital, or animating element.


The Standsome Crafted is filled with lifeblood. It circulates, it pulsates and symbolizes: there is life in the Crafted Edition. Passion. Courage. Spirit of discovery. Countless hours of concentrated work. A lot has happened from the first concept until the final Standsome Crafted. It has developed, grown – and even gone beyond itself. The Standsome Crafted is not just a box, nor is it a carton: it is a stable desk attachment for the right standing. Dedication, work and passion have paid off. Our mission has proven itself: The Standsome was nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2021 in the design category. Our strengths: Work health, resources and fairness!



The Crafted Edition is made of FSC-certified birch wood. Like this we can guarantee that the wood is obtained from trustworthy timber industry. The natural material grows in agricultural forests and is brought to our owner-operated carpentries by short and low-energy transport routes. The cultivation of birches reduces the deforestation of natural forests and satisfies the increasing global demand for wood at the same time.


100% birch plywood. Sounds trivial? Well, it’s not. The choice is very much deliberate. A total of nine layers. Maximum stability. Clear varnished solid wood veneer. Scratch-resistant and waterproof. For the Standsome Crafted, only the best parts, fine wooden planks – called “fillet of the tree” – are used. Carefully set and glued. Fibres in longitudinal direction. Each piece uniquely grown, each board individually. This is exactly what gives the Standsome Crafted its special character: grains, knotholes and coloration. Real wood. In addition, birch wood is durable and robust: just the right material for a product that is intended to last a lifetime and strengthen the back.


Great materials do not necessarily make a perfect product. What’s missing? The right expertise and expert craftsmanship! Our professionals laser, sand and lacquer the Standsome Crafted. They take every part in their hands, check surfaces and edges. Correct and optimize. Every millimeter. With passion. Truly handcrafted.

Step 1.

A bundled beam of light hits a wooden board. Bright and precise. The light beam separates the wood in seconds. Burr-free edges and small corner radii. The wooden board maintains the characteristic appearance of the Standsome Crafted: Light wood. Lightly browned edges. Due to the birch wood the planes are compact and even, thus stable, but at the same time elastic and flexible.

Step 2.

Who thinks that the Standsome Crafted is finished after the lasering, thinks wrong. The shape is ready, yes! But the wood is still rough and grippy. No option. Therefore our team is sanding the boards until surface and edges are smooth and silky. Soft and delicate. Rough sanding. Fine sanding. Control sanding. Sometimes by hand, sometimes by machine – as required. Grain sizes and dispersion of the grains are selected by experts. Splinters excluded.

Step 3.

What use would a standing desk be if it wasn’t equipped for everyday use? A coffee cup leaves a stain. A glass tips over. It rains through the open window. Anything can happen. However, that’s not a problem! The Standsome Crafted is lacquered. Matt and clear. In other words: The wood structure remains recognizable. Still, every board can be wiped with a wet cloth without damaging the wood. Later, because the makers of the Standsome are perfectionists, it’s time for another sanding. Another lacquering. And so on.


A crucial detail: the precious laser treatment that makes every Standsome Crafted unique. First of all, the Standsome logo, a registered trademark, underlines the quality of each Standsome Crafted. Moreover, the writing “As long as you stand, stand by me.” reminds us, with a wink of the eye, to get up – cannot be said often enough. But that’s not all! You are unique. That’s why your Standsome should be too! You can individualize a model of the Standsome Crafted Edition with a laser engraving in accordance to your ideas. Whether lettering or logo; your Standsome will be just like you: remarkable. Individual. Irreplaceable.


Made in Germany – This seal of quality was first introduced by British people in 1887. We still believe in it today! We believe that we can provide the best quality control directly on site. We believe that by producing in our region, we can set an example against cheap goods. And we are convinced that a product does not need to be shipped around the world in order to have a good price-performance ratio. We create a product that combines high-quality production with environmental protection. And that is why not only the clear lacquer of the Standsome Crafted, but also its entire production process is transparent. See for yourself!