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We are very happy to work with various companies and institutions: For bulk orders, for individual customization, for home office and office colleagues, for marketing campaigns, for collaboration in different phases of production, …


For all your questions about our offers for business customers, we will be happy to advise you by phone – make your individual appointment at [email protected] or call us directly at +49 (0) 6131 49 29 41 – 1. We look forward to your call!


In many companies, the standsome is a much appreciated gadget. For staff members who want to work standing up on a regular basis, the standsome is a simple, affordable and sustainable alternative. Already existing desks don’t have to be removed. The standsome can be used as a standing desk by one or several persons. As an innovative piece of office furniture, the standsome can be placed in single or in open plan offices. It even fits meeting rooms. With our box, the standsomes can be stored space-saving. We would be pleased to equip your company with an individual series.


The Corona pandemic has changed the way we work – suddenly, many more people are working in home offices who used to go to the office every day. Even in the private office and at the kitchen table, the following applies: In order to work healthily in the long term, your employees need ergonomic office equipment. Since a desk is often already available, or desks need to be multifunctional between work, family and leisure, a standing desk attachment can be just the solution you need to offer your team. Maybe even a stand-alone workstation with our Standsome Free fits into the four walls of your employees? We will be happy to advise you on how you as an employer can provide the best possible support. And we have a little trick for you: If you have your company logo lasered onto the Standsomes, your people won’t forget who they’re working for while standing up.


The Standsome is a striking, useful and popular gift for clients, employees or users. Whether at fairs, in universities or as a private office accessory, the Standsome is of great worth and a subtle and elegant reminder of the sponsor. With the individualisation for the Standsome-Crafted models you can even engrave a lettering or logo – company slogan, your name, life motto or a small sign of love for the lucky receiver: The Standsome Crafted thus receives an individual touch in accordance to your ideas: Remarkable. Individual. Irreplaceable. And all of this while being sustainable.


Three questions to BurdaForward, short and on point.

How did you first learn about Standsome?

Many BurdaForward colleagues wished for a way to be more mobile while working. Whether standing – in the fresh air in the courtyard or in the conference room – the Standsome can be set up anywhere and has thus fulfilled our requirements perfectly.

How did the Standsome change your working day?

Thanks to the Standsome, our colleagues are completely flexible in their everyday work. They can work where and how they want. The variation between working in a standing and sitting position improves their concentration. In addition, the circulation is revived when getting up after a longer period of sitting.

The Standsome as a new employee: A description?

The Standsome is an employee who distinguishes himself through flexibility and spontaneity. He is clever and adapts quickly to the given situations in everyday work.