On average, we sit for 9 hours a day – on the train, in the office, and in front of the TV in the evening. We can change some of that without losing time or comfort."
Leonard Beck

Leonard Beck,

CEO and founder


The Standsome is an upgrade with a mission: To make everyone's working day healthier and more sustainable! To achieve this, it transforms any standard desk into an individually height-adjustable standing workstation. What matters to the Standsome is the right standing, both externally and internally: It not only strengthens the back of its users and helps them to achieve a healthy posture, but also shows backbone through all phases of production.


Work health is the heart of our work. Standsome provides a preventive and long-term solution for a lack of exercise in the daily work routine. It is a product for everyone: affordable and made to share. For the correct use we cooperate with Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaptain.


By selecting our resources and designing our manufacturing process carefully, we pay attention to a sustainable production chain. However, committing to sustainable entrepreneurship does not end with production, but extends all the way to our customers' doorstep.


The Standsome is Made in Germany and the production is transparent. We are a familiar team of young people growing with our tasks and with Standsome every day. The cooperation with the Life-Giving Forest e.V. was initiated in a tree house. By conviction!

Nominierung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis


Thanks to our mission, Standsome was nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2021 in the category design.

Our contribution to work health
Standsome Double White Close Up
Our product: The Standsome!


Set up in seconds using the plug-in principle, it offers stable work surfaces as a standing workstation. It can easily be adapted to the perfect ergonomic standing position of any body height from 160 – 200cm: The arms are relaxed at right angles to the work surface while the view is directed forward with a straight spine.

Affordable solution


As an affordable solution compared to common height-adjustable tables, everyone can work at the Standsome and maintain a healthy posture. In addition, the Standsome is based on the principle: Sharing is Caring! Its flexibility allows several people to share a Standsome. If desired, even one Standsome is sufficient for five office workers!

Standsome Slim White
Standsome Captain

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaptain,

our cooperation partner

Cooperation with “Captain Standsome”


Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaptain has obtained a Master of Arts degree in health management and a doctorate in sports science at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. Since 2012 he has been working as a lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and the BSA Academy, where he was appointed professor in 2014. After setting up a training therapy program in 2004 and opening a training centre in 2006, he decided to pass on his practical experience as a consultant in the field of occupational health management and designed training and health measures with a sustainable structure.

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Our contribution to resource conservation

Sky is the limit: That may be our motto, but we also know that it can only work if the ozone layer in the sky remains intact. That is why we do everything we can to make, what we are already doing, even better and to put new ideas into practice: avoid waste, promote sustainability and protect the environment from further damage. In doing so, we pay attention to the most sustainable use of resources possible. We are testing, testing and testing until we have found the optimal solution for each product. This is the only way we can achieve our goal to optimize the present and the future.

FSC-certified birch wood


The Standsome is made exclusively from FSC-certified birch wood. In this way we can guarantee that the wood is obtained from trustworthy timber industry. The birch wood is very strong and elastic and flexible at the same time: ideally suited for further processing by craftsmen.

Standsome Recycling
Plastic free packaging


Custom-made cartons beyond the standard dimensions ensure that only as much cardboard is used as is absolutely necessary. Padding and packaging materials are reused, parcel tape made of paper is utilized and the parcels are shipped completely plastic free!

Standsome GLS Klimaprotect
Shipping by GLS KlimaProtect


Thanks to GLS KlimaProtect, the Standsome is shipped in a 100 percent climate neutral way. On the one hand by reduction and avoidance, on the other hand by annual compensation of CO2 emissions via a certified project. Thus, we manage to combine e-commerce with sustainability.

Our contribution to fair working conditions
Standsome Team- Mission Fair working conditions
Fair working conditions in Germany


The Standsome is manufactured in owner-operated handicraft businesses in Germany. This local proximity enables us to get an idea of the craftsmanship on site and the personal exchange allows us to generate synergies and increase our know-how. What is more, we not solely aim at positively affecting the working conditions of others, but also draw on an innovative company structure ourselves. Our team consists mainly of students and has grown into a family over the last few years.



Transparency in all areas has always been a top priority for us. The Standsome is manufactured in Germany, from conception to processing. All wages are paid directly in Germany, just like taxes, logistics and fees. Nevertheless we can offer the Standsome at a fair and affordable price.


For example, the price of the Standsome Crafted includes 23% equipment and salaries and 25% taxes and fees. Another 16% stems from the wood, delivery and storage and another 21% is due to its processing. That leaves 7% for investments and product development, 6% for advertising and, of course, 2% per sold Standsome for the Life-Giving Forest e.V. On our channels we do our best to present everything about the Standsome in a clear and understandable way. In case there are any questions left, our team will be happy to answer them, because between milling machines, sawdust and paint cans it can get quite lonely in the long run. We love our customers and are happy to get to know them. See you soon!


Our location is in Mainz (1). Our owner-operated workshops (2) only a few hours’ drive away.

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Life Giving Forest e.V.
Life-Giving Forest e.V.


With every Standsome sold we donate to Life-Giving Forest e.V. This association supports people with disabilities in afforesting and sustainably using the rainforest on the Philippines and is thus committed to reforestation, inclusion and poverty reduction. Life-Giving Forest e.V. also fosters people with and without disabilities to initiate their own reforestation projects.


Life-Giving Forest e.V. was founded in Freiburg in 2011. Together with partner organisations on the Philippines, the association initiates life-giving forest projects. It is committed to environmental and nature conservation, poverty reduction and international understanding between the Philippines and Germany. The association organises the necessary funds for the projects and carries out public relations work. Donations from companies and from the private sector, funds from foundations and charity events are its main sources.