The history of our origin


The best stories begin inconspicuously. Also the history of the Standsome. Actually, we only wanted to buy a stand-up desk stand for our employees. But it wasn’t that easy, because we only found cardboard boxes or rather unsightly constructions. So we – together with an aircraft engineer and a mechanical engineer – worked out the design ourselves. What looks simple is not so trivial. After six months, many designs and a mountain of wood shavings, the Standsome finally stood on our table. Hardly in use, it was already permanently occupied. And because our visitors were in love with us immediately, we produced supplies. And then again. And again.


That’s how it goes to this day. What started as a side project is now a small furniture company in Rüsselsheim and Mainz. We are diligent and work quite a lot, but because we (mostly) have fun with it, it’s not bad at all. Our team does almost everything itself: from conception to ordering and distribution. The production is carried out by carpenters and manufacturing companies in Germany, with whom we cooperate – everything else is made by Friedrich & Patriz.

Our Team

Geschäftsführer Leo

Leonard Beck


Our puppet master directs and coordinates everything. Although as managing director and founder he takes care of the long-term development of the company, he often has to take care of the “small stuff”: Accept deliveries, renovate, pack orders. That’s how it is in a start-up.

“Don´t look for mistakes, look for solutions.”
– Henry Ford



Online Marketing

Our sweet tooth is responsible for our blog and Pinterest. 2 years ago she was one of the first to join our team. Since then she has greatly increased our readership through her extensive knowledge. However, it took her one and a half years to register her bachelor thesis on ‘Procrastination’.

“What you can uncork today, don’t put off until tomorrow.”



Sales Manager

Our Beer Pong Master is responsible for direct sales. With his charm, he wraps everyone he has on the line around his finger. Because Nils is passionate about dangerous sports, he has already had a few injuries. But that doesn’t stop him from telling you about the Standsome by phone.

“Don´t tell people your dreams, show them.”




Our handyman makes sure that all orders arrive on time and well packed. He has been part of the Standsome team from the very beginning and took care of everything, hence his nickname. When you need two strong hands to get things done – you can always count on Jakob.

“The future depends on what you do today.”
– Mahatma Gandhi



Digital Design

Our sunshine takes care of our homepage and designs advertisements.
In the office, there is never a bad mood, because she always gives us a smile.
She is the only one who still follows the shift plan that was created a year ago.

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”



Online Marketing

Our outdoor enthusiast is one of the youngest members of our team. She helps in online marketing, but also supports direct sales. A balanced lifestyle is very important to Julie. Just as much as she loves sports (yoga and horse riding), she loves to eat.

“The only joy in the world is to begin.” – Cesare Pavese

Sara Standsome Team


Sales Manager

Our dance-crazy sales manager has been supporting us in sales since the beginning of the year. With her direct manner, she approaches everyone openly and often provides a laugh. Sara spends a lot of time with her dance group, has a good knack for interior design, loves traveling, exercise and good food.

“How we choose to see this world will define our entire lives.”


Online Marketing

Our adventurous Johanna supports us since June 2020 in online marketing and wherever she is needed. With great pleasure she fulfills our customers’ every (engraving) wish. When she is not at the laser, she is learning new languages or planning her next trip.

It is what it is, but it will become what you make it.


Social Media und SEO

New in the team is our baking crazy Tania, who mainly brings our social media area and SEO up to speed. When she’s not whirling away in the kitchen, she can usually be found with her nose buried in a book. Kitschy romance novels and Italian telenovelas are among her guilty pleasures.

„Courage is found in unlikely places. “ – Gildor (Herr der Ringe)



Assistant to CEO

Our word acrobat supports our managing director Leo in his everyday business, but also helps diligently in every other area. Her thesis is titled “About Nothing”. Why? So Julia can say that she writes about nothing when people ask her about it.

“Les gens disent : Tu rêves trop. Tu danses trop. Tu aimes trop. Les gents parlent trop.”

Max Team



Our puppy takes care of the shipping along with Jakob. Because he is still quite fresh in the team, he has to undergo Jakob’s training.
If you think you are a real series junkie, you don’t know Max yet. He has seen all seasons of the series “How I met Your Mother” at least seven times.

“Honesty doesn’t get you many friends,
but the right ones.”

Fragezeichen Gesicht


Your next Job

You are interested in working in a young, dynamic and committed team? You are a team player, communicative and creative?
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Our support

Dennis Albert

Dr. Dennis Albert


Our co-founder, Dennis, has been with us since the first second. This all-round talent helps us with difficulties and always has an open ear.
We are happy to always be able to rely on our specialist and to have him on board.

Dr. Daniel Kaptain

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaptain


Our Captain Standsome is a lecturer and health scientist at the German University for Prevention and Health Management. The Standsome wants to contribute a part to your health. That’s why we have a professional on board.