In the Philippines, there is only 2.8% of the virgin forest left. This triggers dramatical consequences for humans and nature:
For the natural protection against natural disasters and for the local economy. Over 60% of the people earn less than 2$ a day.


Due to poverty and lacking medical support, approximately 10% of all people are disabled.
On the grounds of their physical limitation, for those people its more difficult to find a job or an apprenticeship.
The project “Life-Giving Forest e.V.” helps in two ways: it stands up for inclusion and reforestation.


With “Plantsome”, we want to contribute to reforestation and to servicing the ecosystem of our planet.
We like to know that a donation amount is immediately and transparently active were it is needed and were it actually can help.
The sum per standsome is sufficient to plant a tree and to care for it during a year.
It is an important contribution to counter deforestation, erosion and climate change.
Every donation benefits directly the reforestation of the tropical rainforest.
With your support, with our donation and with the commitments of Life-Giving Forest e.V., there is a little bit more forest, more work and meaningful job for everyone.

The association Life-Giving Forest e.V. supports people with disabilities in the Philippines who work in reforestation and want to secure the sustainable exploitation of the rainforest. Thus, it stands for reforestation, inclusion and fight against poverty.
Life-Giving Forest e.V. helps people with and without disability to start a reforestation project.


Life-Giving Forest e.V. was founded in 2011 in Freiburg im Breisgau. In cooperation with partner organizations in the Philippines, the association starts life-giving forest projects.
There, it dedicates itself to environment and nature protection, to the fight against poverty and the understanding between the Philippines and Germany.
Life-Giving Forest e.V. organizes the resources for the project and is in charge for its public outreach.
Donations from companies and from the private sector, money from foundations and charity events are the main source of revenue.


You also can support Life-Giving Forest e.V. on a direct way:


“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”