The Standsome story

The best stories begin inconspicuously. Also the history of the Standsome. Actually, we only wanted to buy a stand-up desk stand for our employees. But it wasn’t that easy, because we only found cardboard boxes or rather unsightly constructions. So we – together with an aircraft engineer and a mechanical engineer – worked out the design ourselves. What looks simple is not so trivial. After six months, many designs and a mountain of wood shavings, the Standsome finally stood on our table. Hardly in use, it was already permanently occupied. And because our visitors were in love with us immediately, we produced supplies. And then again. And again.


That’s how it goes to this day. What started as a side project is now a small furniture company in Rüsselsheim and Mainz. We are diligent and work quite a lot, but because we (mostly) have fun with it, it’s not bad at all. Our team does almost everything itself: from conception to ordering and distribution. The production is carried out by carpenters and manufacturing companies in Germany, with whom we cooperate – everything else is made by Friedrich & Patriz.


And the Standsome has grown up and is already in offices, libraries and study rooms all over Europe.